What You Need To Know About Physical Examinations

When it comes to caring for one’s physical and healthy well-being, an annual physical examination is one of those medical check-ups that we must undergo regularly in order to ensure that our health is in good condition and free of any life-threatening diseases.

At this time of the pandemic, looking after our health has never become even more important. Read on below to learn more about physical examinations and how you can benefit from them.

What is it for?

A physical examination plays a big role when it comes to looking after and maintaining your overall health, whatever age you may be in; both children and adults benefit from this. As we age, there are certain health complications that may arise, and through a physical examination, you and your physician can help pre-empt these complications from progressing especially when caught in an early stage.

This also ensures that your immunizations and vaccinations are up to date for your protection.

It also gives you a chance to see the level of your blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol; whether they are kept at a normal level or maybe in excess already. These things do not show any signs or symptoms and in order to prevent it from getting severe, a physical examination can help determine this for you.

Checking for your health history and vitals

If it’s your first time undergoing a physical examination whichever health care establishment this may be, your health history is one of the first things that your nurse or doctor will check. As we already know, health complications may be inevitably inherited as they are in our genetic; some of the most common diseases are diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases. We become even more vulnerable to acquiring them if our health condition is not at its best. More often than not though, they can still be prevented, which is why a physical examination will help give you an overview of what needs extra attention.

After the family history has been assessed, your assigned health practitioner (either a doctor or a nurse) will check for your vitals. The vital check-up touches base on your internal organs, like the heart, lungs, kidneys, livers, and brain. These are the most essential organs that have a direct impact on your daily life; any complications that develop among them may have a detrimental effect on your overall health in the long run, which is why they are included in physical examinations.

A visual and physical exam

A physical examination procedure will also touch base with a visual and full body check-up. For the visual, this checks for any eye problems, such as visual acuity, while a full body check-up is conducted to check for any growing lumps such as cysts, that may either be benign or life-threatening. Catching these early on will help your doctor in coming up with an effective treatment plan to prevent it from further escalating.

Other tests that you may need

We offer a variety of tests that are specifically designed to cater to your medical needs such as, but not limited to:

  • Urinalysis

  • Pregnancy Test

  • Digital X-Rays

  • Glucose Test for Diabetes

  • Cholesterol Check

  • STD Testing

  • COVID-19 Testing (which is very timely)

We also offer vaccinations and immunizations that will serve to protect both adults and children alike.

For all your testing needs, Diligent Urgent Care is here for you!

In the current state of a pandemic world where everyone’s health is compromised, we need to be extra careful and mindful of how we look after our physical well-being. Physical examination is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we can offer. At Diligent Urgent Care, we offer a variety of medical testing procedures to ensure your overall health and safety, such as our COVID-19 test screening where nasal swabs, antibody tests, and soon, our saliva test, are included.

There are certain social restrictions we must take note of while going out, and it’s understandable if not everyone can go out and visit a clinic to see a doctor. Luckily for you though, urgent centers like us at Diligent Urgent Care have amended our service features in order to give you the best quality care without risking the possibility of getting infected by the virus. We have the option for Telemedicine appointments and virtual check-ups with a doctor. We are also accessible in 3 locations in New Jersey: Union City (appointments and walk-ins are welcome), West Orange (by appointment only), and North Bergen (by appointment only).

We at Diligent Urgent Care truly care for your time and health. Schedule a visit with us and we’ll be sure to make it worth your while.