Vaccines Before and During Pregnancy | What To Expect

Pregnancy is a very delicate state that a woman can find herself into. Especially during these days, with COVID-19 being a threat to everyone’s health, may it be children or adults, extra precautions are necessary in order to prevent the virus from spreading. Two years since the world has been placed on lockdown due to the pandemic, pharmaceutical companies have constantly been working on a variety of vaccines to address this worldwide problem. 

As vaccines started to roll out, citizens worldwide have lined up to get their turn at getting jabbed. However, it is more than just getting a dosage; there are certain medical background checks that need to be ensured since vaccines are expected to have certain side effects. Those with special medical needs, such as pregnant women, may have additional guidelines to take note of before undergoing their vaccination.

Having said that, we have created a list that will serve as a guide to those who may need some reminder and additional information, with regards to receiving vaccination before and during pregnancy, not just for COVID but in general.


Getting your vaccine before pregnancy

Vaccines are designed to serve as protection against some of the most fatal diseases and infections that are life-threatening. If you are planning to get pregnant, you are already taking the necessary precautionary steps in making your body a safe place for your unborn child to live in, prior to their conception. As per the CDC, it is highly recommended that you start checking and updating your vaccination record so you can see if there are shots that you may be lacking with. This will help your healthcare professional to recommend all the vaccination shots you will need throughout your pregnancy journey.


The vaccination process during pregnancy

During pregnancy itself, there are some necessary vaccines that you and your unborn child need to undergo. Timing plays an essential factor on this. For every trimester, there are shots that an expecting mom needs to take, such as the T-Dap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis), which is usually taken some time during the third trimester. This allows protection for your child as soon they are born. This is important since this is the stage where your newborn baby is at their most vulnerable to other diseases and infections. Another important vaccine that an expecting mother shouldn’t miss out on is the flu shot. This may vary per time in certain places, so make sure to keep track of the flu season in your area, so that you can get protected before it even takes place.  


The importance of COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy

First of all, it’s important to understand how getting  a vaccination against COVID-19 can have an effect on pregnant women. Pregnancy has certain medical risks to take note of prior to undergoing vaccination. One of the many questions that may arise would be how safe the vaccine is for expecting mothers or those who may be planning to get pregnant. 

The answer to that: ABSOLUTELY! The COVID-19 vaccine is designed to keep you and your baby safe. The risks are higher and life-threatening if a pregnant woman catches the coronavirus. This may also trigger the likes of premature birth and a case of stillbirth, endangering both the lives of the mother and the baby. This reason alone is enough to get vaccinated. It has been backed by scientific evidence that vaccines are said to be safe and effective before and during pregnancy. 


I’m planning to get pregnant. Will the COVID-19 vaccination affect my fertility rate?

Prior to getting pregnant, it is important that your body is in a good and healthy condition. If ever you find yourself worried that the vaccination will have an effect on your fertility, rest assured that it is perfectly safe and will not have any bearing! This has been backed by scientific research and evidence as well. In fact, it is also being highly recommended by healthcare professionals to those who have plans of having a baby. This will serve as your protection against getting a severe infection of the virus. 


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