Vaccines and Immunizations in Union City, NJ

Brief history of vaccines and immunizations

The concept of vaccinations and immunizations have been around for ages. The world’s first vaccine was made in the 1790s as a treatment for small pox by Edward Jenner. This began when Edward Jenner found that milkmaids who were infected with cowpox, were immune to small pox. Following this knowledge, he then conducted what is to be the world’s first clinical trials. By taking pus from a cowpox lesion, inoculating an eight-year-old boy named James Philipps, then violating two sites on the said boy’s arm with small pox after six weeks, Jenner found that the child was not affected by succeeding exposures to small pox. Out of this, came the ground work that is what is to be very foundation of modern vaccinology.

Difference between vaccines and immunizations

Vaccines and immunizations have been seen to be used interchangeably in everyday conversation. However, there are differences between these two terminologies even if they are being switched around to mean one and the same thing. Learning the difference between the two terms is important so as to not have any misunderstandings with your health care provider. Vaccination is defined as the use of vaccines in order to stimulate the immune system so that the person will be protected against disease or subsequent infection. Immunization, on the other hand, refers to the process where in one administers a vaccine to one’s body and as a result thereof, the said person will become immune or resistant to infectious disease. Immunization, as the term implies, can result in your body to becoming immune to a disease once you have been exposed to it. This is either done through vaccination, which contains a weakened form of the virus or small doses of antibiotics and preservatives, or through natural infection. Immunization therefore refers to vaccination, rather than to natural infection.

Benefits of vaccines and immunizations

Vaccines and immunizations provide that added layer of protection for your body to keep you safe and healthy. But what exactly are the different benefits that vaccination and immunizations can offer? Should you really be getting vaccinated or immunized? Vaccination or immunization’s primary aim is to prevent the spread of disease. Aside from preventing yourself from getting disease, it also aims to prevent others from getting the disease as well. It also serves as a protection from the effects of serious diseases. Vaccines and immunizations also aim to eradicate disease, although to date, only small pox has been eradicated. Vaccines and immunizations are also used to mitigate or lessen the severity of the effects of diseases. Immunizations and vaccines are most especially needed for children, as they are the ones who are greatly hit during the spread of a disease. With all these benefits, it is highly recommended that have yourself vaccinated or immunized today at Diligent Urgent Care in Union City.

Are there risks to vaccines and immunizations?

Vaccines and immunizations are beneficial in order to maintain a healthy body. However, it does not come without side effects and risks. Usually, vaccines and immunizations come with some mild side effects. These include low-grade fever and soreness and redness around the injection area. Not to worry, however, as these side effects usually last a few days and you’ll feel better in no time. However, there are rare instances when you will be experiencing high fever. Some people, especially children, may experience serious allergic reactions to vaccines and immunizations. When this case happens, consult a doctor immediately to get treated. Even though vaccines and immunizations are successful as a health intervention against the spread of disease, it does not however offer 100% protection and vaccine efficacy. Why is this? This is because how well a vaccine becomes efficient depends on a number of factors, such as the health status of a person. It also depends upon the type of vaccine used. These perceived risks far outweigh though the benefits that one can get from vaccination and immunization. Get yourself vaccinated and immunized at Diligent Urgent Care today.

Where can you go for vaccines and immunizations in Union City?

Diligent Urgent Care is your go to clinic for vaccinations and immunizations. Under their management, you are sure that you are provided for with comprehensive emergency care, as well as extensive family medicine. Some of the vaccines and immunizations that they offer are for Tetanus and Diphtheria, Hepatitis A and B, Polio, Tetanus, Pneumonia, Influenza Vaccine, Measles, and the like. For a complete list of the vaccines and immunizations that they offer, visit their website for more information. Note, however, that they perform a small physical exam and require to have a questionnaire filled up prior to receiving vaccinations or immunizations. To know more, give them a call at their contact details indicated in their website. Start giving your body the protection that it needs with the help of Diligent Urgent care located at Union City!