Urgent Care in West Orange, NJ : FAQs

How Does Going to Urgent Care in West Orange, NJ Work?

Most urgent care centers do not require an appointment, so you can just walk-in to any clinic. However, if you want to have a shorter waiting time or your schedule allows you only a specific time slot, you may call ahead for some urgent care centers that allow appointments. You should also bring with you all the medical documents that you need for your treatment or consultation, since urgent care centers don’t usually keep a patient’s medical history. Keep in mind that urgent care centers only provide limited types of services. For emergencies which are life-threatening, going to an emergency room is the best option.

Is it Better to Go to Urgent Care or a Doctor in West Orange, NJ?

It is advised that you should see a doctor when faced with a medical condition. A primary care doctor is knowledgeable about a patient’s medical history, as well as the corresponding treatment to be considered. However, urgent care is recommended for simple medical ailments such as skin conditions, cold, and flu. They can also provide services such as x-rays.

Are Urgent Care Clinics More Expensive?

The costs may vary. Compared to emergency rooms, urgent care clinics are a less expensive option for non-emergency treatments. However, if the urgent care clinic is still part of a hospital or offsite emergency room although described as such, you may be paying more.

When Should you Use Urgent Care Clinics in West Orange, NJ?

Urgent care clinics should be used for treatment of injuries or medical problems which can be treated immediately. Some of these illnesses are diarrhea, vomiting, or fever.

What is the Difference Between Urgent Care and the Emergency Room?

An emergency room is often used for major emergencies which are life-threatening in nature. Meanwhile, urgent care is used for the treatment of injuries which are less serious and non-life threatening.

What is Urgent Care?

Urgent Care provides medical assistance for illnesses and injuries that can be treated immediately and are not major emergencies. This gives patients easy access to medical treatment at a quickest opportunity.

What Payment Options Does Diligent Urgent Care Offer?

Diligent Urgent Care provides cash, check, or credit card payment options via AMEX, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover.

Do you Need a Referral for Urgent Care in Union City, NJ?

No, a referral is not needed for Urgent Care.

When should you not go to urgent care?

You should not go to urgent care when your condition is life-threatening, that would lead to a trip to the emergency room. Some of these conditions are head trauma, serious accidents, heart attacks, stroke, and uncontrollable bleeding.

If you are in need of an appointment or have any further questions, please contact us at Diligent Urgent Care in West Orange, New Jersey. We would be happy to help!