Urgent Care in North Bergen, NJ: A Closer Look

What Is Urgent Care?

Urgent Care provides comprehensive medical services that caters to illnesses or injuries that require immediate medical attention, but those that are non-life-threatening. This includes the likes of mild or minor flu, sprains, strains, and fevers. Urgent Care does not require any scheduling as you can go on a walk-in basis at your convenience; most of them also operate on a 24/7 basis, holidays included; while there are some, however, that only operates on extended hours. It is run by an efficient team of medical directors, licensed physicians and assistants alike, nurses, and lab technicians.

Urgent Care Services

Urgent Care is known to offer great convenience to treat everyday non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries that require immediate medical attention. Apart from that, they also look into partnering with other businesses (e.g. pre-employment medical examinations for new employees) to ensure convenience and affordability when it comes to providing the highest quality of immediate medical care.

Moreover, Urgent Care clinics have an in-house laboratory where they offer on-site lab testing designed to diagnose and screen a variety of common illnesses. Vaccination and immunization services are also being offered in some clinics.

What Types of Illnesses and Injuries Are Admitted for Urgent Care?

Illnesses and injuries are inevitable in our everyday lives, and more often than not, they require immediate medica attention, no matter how small or minor they may be, to prevent it from worsening. Urgent Care clinics are more than happy to tend to such cases as long as they are non-life-threatening; otherwise, a trip to the emergency room will be more suitable. You will find some of the most common minor and mild ailments that are admitted for Urgent Care.


  • Headaches and Migraines

  • Allergies and Rashes

  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

  • Eye & Ear Infections

  • Skin Infections

  • Fever

  • Sore Throat

  • Colds/Sinuses

  • Abdominal Pain

  • Diarrhea

  • Nose Bleed

  • Asthma

  • Heat Stroke


  • Burns

  • Strains & Sprains

  • Cuts

  • Back Pain

  • Bruises

  • Stiff Neck

  • Stitches & Removal

This is only an overview of what’s being offered by Urgent Care clinics; there may be more depending on your clinic, as long as the condition is non-threatening.

What is the Protocol for Urgent Care During the COVID-19 situation?

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way of the world. Nearly all establishments have been affected, including the likes of medical facilities, so as to prevent the further spread of the virus. Most of us are probably wondering how Urgent Care clinics are operating at this time, especially since some of them are accept patients even without making prior appointments. Can it still apply during these trying times? The answer is yes; Urgent Care establishments are still keen on providing medical care for their patients on a daily basis, and most have even provided COVID-19 testing services as their response effort to the ongoing pandemic.

Moreover, to ensure the safety of everyone to those will be physically visiting the clinic, there are now some protocols to follow amidst the COVID-19 situation.

  • Screenings for both staffs and patients alike are being done

  • Wearing of masks and practicing mindful physical distancing at all times

  • Availability of Telemedicine, where you can choose to meet with a doctor virtually in the comfort of your own home

  • Enhanced cleaning services of facilities

Diligent Urgent Care in North Bergen, NJ: Where Your Medical Needs Are Treated With Utmost Urgency

We at Diligent Urgent Care consist of a hardworking, dedicated medical team who are ready to provide top quality immediate medical care. Our North Bergen, NJ clinic does not require any appointment scheduling and you can even see a medical provider in person if you wish to do so.

We’re also offering a variety of testing options for our COVID-19 response with the likes of Home Kits, Antibody Testing, and Saliva Test. Moreover, despite the changes that the pandemic have brought upon us in our everyday lives, our doors remain open everyday with extended hours to cater to your medical concerns that require immediate attention.

If you have an urgent case that needs to be treated right away, it is vital that you do not delay it, regardless of the COVID situation. Diligent Urgent Care is more than ready to lend you a helping hand to tend to you. We believe that time is of the essence, and we believe that prevention is key as we want to make your healing process more efficient and convenient as much as possible.

We at Diligent Urgent Care live up to our name by providing a convenient medical service. You may reach us through phone at 201-468-8570 in case you’d like to make an advanced appointment, or you can also personally drop by our clinic at 3807 Bergenline Ave, North Bergen, NJ 07087.