Urgent Care and Occupational Medicine: Providing Easy-Access Quality Healthcare

Urgent care and occupational medicine come hand-in-hand. Most healthcare establishments, like Diligent Urgent Care, integrate these two in order to maximize the benefits of providing a one-stop solution for your healthcare needs. In these times when we need to be extra mindful in looking after our health condition, there is a consistently higher demand for easy-access quality healthcare.

Having said that, let’s take a closer look at how these medical practices operate separately and effectively work together and appreciate the benefits we can gain from them.

What is Urgent Care?

When it comes to tending to non-life-threatening medical conditions that need immediate attention, an Urgent Care Center can be your go-to place. It is designed to be more convenient than what a traditional emergency room service can offer for such cases. Small cuts that need stitching, lab works and vaccinations, fever, sore throats, and coughs are just some of the most common conditions that are accommodated in an Urgent Care facility. Opting to go here may save you a lot of time in contrast to the time spent waiting in an emergency room.

What is Occupational Medicine?

Occupational medicine is the practice of treating work-related illnesses and injuries. They touch on a wide spectrum of medical conditions, such as dealing with minor traumas experienced at work. They become essential medical partners for businesses organizations and employers when it comes to providing prompt and efficient healthcare services for their workers.

The Benefits of Combining Urgent Care and Occupational Medicine

Now that we know how both Urgent Care and Occupational Medicine function separately, what happens when they work in synchrony? All we can say is that it comes with a lot of benefits!

This partnership makes it easier for employers to look after their employees’ well-being with the use of Urgent Care services, may it be from pre-employment medical screening tests to providing general medical care.

When it comes to pre-employment requirements from companies, medical tests are one of the most essential things potential hires undergo to ensure that they are a fit candidate for the job. Urgent Care centers offer lab works such as x-ray and drug testing, which are the most common parts of a pre-employment medical test. This aids in providing a smoother transition and faster turn-around time for a company to get its newly hired candidate onboard.

In a general work setting, Urgent Care is still just as essential because more often than not, employees are prone to suffering from certain injuries and illnesses that may require immediate care and attention. Medical benefits are usually given to regular employees, where they can utilize their health insurance for an annual medical check-up, or the need for immediate tests and lab works.

Experience the best of both worlds of Top-Quality Urgent Care and Occupational Medicine Services with Diligent Urgent Care

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Our Occ-Med Services is specifically designed for our potential business partners, and as we understand that each business is distinct from one another, our services can be customized so these unique needs can be met.

Interested in partnering with us to give your employees easy access, quality healthcare? Contact us now and we’d be happy to give you more details on our services and offerings.