Treating Ear Infections

Do you hear what I hear?

Well, we sure hope you can! Our ears are the gateway to letting us enjoy the sound and music around us. Moreover, it’s what helps us connect with one another. So it’s definitely quite a nuisance if our ears are not functioning at their best, let alone when it’s infected!

Adults and children alike experience ear infections, and it can certainly cause a great amount of discomfort if not treated accordingly. To understand the situation better, let’s dig deeper and learn more about this type of infection and how it can be prevented and treated.

What causes ear infections?

An ear infection usually happens when there is the presence of bacteria or viruses in the middle ear, where passageways like the throat and eustachian tubes are congested and swelling in appearance; it is brought upon by other existing illnesses such as allergies and flu that trigger the onset of the infection.

Changes in air pressure, as well as age, also contribute to an ear infection. The change in air pressure can affect the airflow of the Eustachian Tube, making it swollen and congested. As for age, young children are more prone to getting ear infections because of the narrow space in their Eustachian Tube, making it a little harder to drain out the congestion when infected.

Are there risks when you get ear infections?

Yes, ear infections come with certain risks if not treated accordingly. It is usually associated with hearing impairment, as well as tearing of the eardrum; this is due to the spreading of the infection to other tissues, bringing about damages to the said parts. If not given prompt attention, it may lead to permanent hearing loss in the long run.

Speech and development delays may also occur, especially among children in their young years. As mentioned briefly earlier, an ear infection is very common to occur among them, especially if they have a weak immune system and are prone to getting sick with the common colds and flu.

How can it be treated?

More often than not, an ear infection can clear up by itself if the symptoms are just mild. We understand how uncomfortable that can feel, and luckily, there are some simple ways you can do to relieve yourself of the discomfort:

  • Ear drops application – you can opt for over-the-counter, but we recommend if it can be also prescribed by your doctor

  • Pain reliever medicine – this can be over-the-counter; ibuprofen is said to be the most effective

  • Applying a warm compress or cloth over your infected ear

For more severe cases, a doctor’s intervention is needed. Depending on the severity or if your infection is not showing signs of improvement, they may prescribe you antibiotics.

If the situation greatly calls for it, surgery may be listed as a treatment option.

Is there a way to prevent getting ear infections?

An ear infection may be a common occurrence, but there are ways one how we can prevent it from happening. Because this infection stems from bacteria and viruses, observing cleanliness and proper hygiene at all times is one of the most surefire ways in preventing an ear infection. Wash your hands at all times, and

For children especially, boost their immune system and consult your pediatrician for vaccination for added protection. This will combat them from getting easily sick, hence, lessening their chances of getting infections.

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