Treat Skin Infections & Allergies at Urgent Care

So you’re reading the headline of this blog and you might be wondering why we’re talking about skin conditions and booking an appointment for urgent care.

Well, believe it or not, skin conditions can present themselves as medical emergencies that will require urgent skin treatment.

After all, the skin acts as the primary guardian against disease-causing organisms. And when it gets compromised in any way, the skin infections or allergies that can happen may need urgent care in New Jersey or wherever you’re located.

And while skin conditions like rashes or blisters are often looked at as minor things, they may actually be signs of more serious things!

In this article, we’ll be talking about skin infections and allergies, and when you should treat them at urgent care.


What is skin allergy?

A skin allergy is when any part of your skin becomes irritated due to your immune system reacting to  an allergen. Examples of allergens are:

  • Food like eggs or cow’s milk
  • Animal fur
  • Pollen
  • Medications like penicillin

Any of these allergens cause what is called an allergic reaction, which can manifest into any of the following:

  • Rash
  • Itchiness
  • Redness of the skin
  • Bumps
  • Hives
  • Swelling


What is a skin infection?

A skin infection, on the other hand, is when germs like bacteria, viruses, or fungi infect your skin. Infections can be due to the following:

  • A parasite has invaded your skin
  • You have broken skin due to a cut, a fresh tattoo or piercing, or a puncture

Signs of a skin infection can be any of the following:

  • Fluid is leaking out of the injured skin
  • There is a yellowish crust on the area
  • Sores or blisters appear
  • There is pain or swelling that gets worse after a few days
  • You are suffering from a fever
  • Your wound has not healed even after ten days


Why not get treatment at a dermatologist instead?

If you’re looking for allergies treatment or skin infections treatment, why go to a Union City urgent care? Why not go to a dermatologist, who is an expert regarding skin matters? 

Well, if you do have a dermatologist you can call who does telemedicine in Union City or wherever you’re located, then that’s great! After all, dermatologists can give you a faster diagnosis, which means a faster treatment and lower risk of developing serious illnesses.

The problem with a dermatologist consult, though, is getting an appointment may be hard. Since dermatologists normally treat people whose conditions are not life-threatening, their clinics are usually closed during non-office hours. That means the only way you will get treated is to visit an urgent care near you.


Does it matter if it’s a skin allergy or a skin infection?

Essentially, skin allergies and skin infections are different. Does that mean you should bother finding out which one you have? And does having either one affect the decision to go to urgent care?

Well, the answer is no. 

For example, take skin infection and eczema, a condition that makes your skin red and itchy. It’s hard to tell the difference between the two, because people who get eczema also often get skin infections. The only way you’ll find out if it’s mere eczema or an actual skin infection is if you try to treat eczema and eczema doesn’t go away or gets worse.

What matters is that if you have a condition that needs urgent treatment, you should get medical attention right away. 


What skin conditions mean Googling “urgent care clinic near me”?

Here are some skin conditions, whether they are an allergy or an infection, that warrant a visit to urgent care.



Rashes are a very common skin condition. Normally, they wouldn’t warrant a visit to the hospital, especially if they disappear when you use over-the-counter treatment.

However, if you get a severe rash, it may mean you have a more serious underlying sickness, especially if it’s accompanied by the following signs:

  • You have a high-grade fever.
  • The rash is covering 10% or more of your body.
  • It is a rapidly developing and spreading rash.
  • The rash comes with pain.
  • You have purple spots on your hands and feet.
  • The rash is transforming into blisters.
  • You are having a hard time breathing or you feel a tightness in your throat.
  • The rash comes with pain in your joints and/or a severe headache.
  • The surrounding area is warm and has swelling, crusting, or a colored discharge.
  • The rash manifests in a sensitive part of the body like the mouth, the skin around your eyes, or on your genitals. 


Poison Ivy / Oak / Sumac

These three plants all contain the oil urushiol, which causes that notorious itching, blisters, and redness upon contact. They can also cause that same reaction if their fumes are inhaled.

The symptoms can be treated with a cold compress, calamine lotion, oatmeal baths, and steroids.

However, some people, when exposed to these plants, suddenly have trouble breathing or develop a fast-spreading rash. Avoid trying to treat these conditions at home at all costs or risk your life.



Again, cuts aren’t usually a major medical condition. However, they may still warrant a visit to urgent care if they need stitches or if they get infected.



Hives are the body’s allergic response to stress, chemicals, foods, insect stings, or some medications. Their appearance is red itchy bumps or skin patches. They appear suddenly and also develop rapidly.

Severe hives become swollen, blistered welts. You’ll know hives are severe when they manifest on your face, mouth, and neck and feel very uncomfortable. They’ll also be accompanied by dizziness, wheezing, difficulty in breathing, and swollen eyes and nose.



Impetigo is a rash that appears as red sores on your mouth, nose, hands, or feet. It is very contagious and easily spreads through contact. 

This rash affects children more often than adults and is also very susceptible to infection. That means if you see a child with a rash around the areas mentioned above, it’s time to go to the hospital immediately!


Swimmer’s rash or itch

A swimmer’s rash usually happens after swimming in freshwater lakes or ponds. It occurs because of parasites in the water that burrow under your skin. Don’t worry – they’ll die.

However, they will leave red, very itchy spots on your body. And if these rashes turn to skin abrasions, they may become infected.


Visit Diligent Urgent Care for treatment of your skin infections and allergies.

Diagnosis of the skin condition requires the doctor to look at the affected area and do lab tests. You will be given either an antibiotic, an antiviral, or an antifungal cream.

So to get the correct treatment, visit urgent care in your vicinity. And there’s no need to Google “urgent care near me” if you’re in New Jersey. Diligent Urgent Care is the one you should visit!

Step through our doors and we guarantee you’ll get emergency room skills, but without the long wait or expensive bills. We’ll be more than happy to provide comprehensive emergency care and extensive family medicine to you!

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