The COVID-19 Variations and Everything You Need To Know

As we are all aware, the first case of COVID-19 – formerly called nCOV-19 – has first been traced back all the way to Wuhan, China. More than a year since the famed pandemic had taken the world by storm, the virus is said to have developed into certain variations, bringing about more challenges for the entire world’s current situation. In order for us to understand better, let us differentiate mutation and variant – which both play a significant role in the emergence of the said coronavirus variations.

COVID-19 Variations: All About Mutation and Variants

So what causes the COVID-19 variations? A mutation is one of the things that come into play; it causes a change in the sequence of the virus. Meanwhile, a variant comes into clusters of viruses that will set them apart from the other variants existing in the same circle. Overall, the mutations may bring about certain alterations to the virus, which then causes the variations.

The 3 Classifications of Variants

An organization called Sars-Cov-2 Interagency Group (SIG) is formed by The United States Department of Health and Human Services, where they monitor the development of the COVID-19 variants. This has brought about the classifications of the variants into 3 categories, known as:

  • Variants of Interest – this pertains to the alteration in the effectiveness of antibodies response to the infection or vaccination. There had been variants detected in New York City (B.1.525 and B.1.526) and in Brazil (P.2).

  • Variants of Concern – this presents evidence where there is a reduction in the effectiveness of treatment and an increase in transmission rates. Examples of these are the ones found in the United Kingdom (B.1.1.7), the South African variant (B.1.351), in California (B.1.427 and B.1.429) as well as in Japan and Brazil (P.1).

  • Variants of High Consequence – this variant type presents much clearer evidence where the current medical countermeasures may become less significant. There are currently no recorded cases of this and it is being continuously monitored.

Diligent Urgent Care’s Response to COVID-19 and its Variations

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