Preparing Your Child for a COVID-19 Test

COVID-19 has been known for its notorious effects on both adults and children alike. As a child’s immune system is more fragile, it is vital that they must be protected at all costs. Although they are not spared from being infected, taking the necessary precautions and preparations may be of help in dealing with a mild case of the virus. 

Gone are the days when the flu, cold, and cough are the common illnesses that can be treated with a few days’ rest and generic medicine. With the coronavirus around, these are no longer medical conditions that can be taken lightly. It becomes an extra delicate matter when a child experiences COVID symptoms, and as parents and guardians, it can be heartbreaking to see them struggling with such a condition. 

Undergoing a COVID test is a foreign matter for a child and can bring them certain discomfort that they may need to be prepared for. In this article, we have taken the liberty to gather all the necessary tips that will help adults ease and guide their little ones in understanding the situation prior to undergoing a medical procedure,


Prepare child-friendly information to share with your kids

Kids are naturally curious about the things going around them, especially if they are at that stage where they seem to be exploring and asking a lot of questions. As COVID is a complex topic, it can be a lot to understand and take in for a child. This is why it’s important to explain it to them at their level of understanding. Apart from being informative, try to share information with them in a way that they will not feel overwhelmed and scared. Kids have an overactive imagination after all, so in order for them to understand better, make sure that your explanation is child-friendly. The goal here is for your child to be able to understand and be mentally and emotionally prepared prior to the testing procedure. Make sure that you include vital information such as who will accompany them, who they will meet, what will happen, and how the procedure might feel.

For instance, you might want to say something like, “Okay, dear. So we are going to the doctor today to see if you have COVID. Mommy and Daddy just want to make sure that you don’t have the bad virus so our friendly hospital workers will need to do some tests on you. It might make you feel a little uncomfortable for a while when they put something inside your nose, but nothing to worry about because they are good people who only want to help you feel better. Also, mommy/daddy will be there with you the whole time, so there’s nothing to be scared of.”

You may also want to show your child pictures or videos while explaining so they can understand better, especially since they are visual learners after all. 


Prepare yourself too

As parents or guardians, seeing your child in pain, even for just a short time, can be taxing on your end too. That is why you also have to prepare yourself emotionally and mentally. It’s highly recommended that you come up with a plan that will soothe your child should they start to feel anxious prior to or after the testing procedure. 

Since you will be holding your child during the testing procedure, make sure that you are wearing comfortable clothing too for the sake of your and your child’s comfort.

While waiting for your child’s turn, you can distract them with storytelling time, playtime with their favorite toys, or have their security blanket or pillow by their side. This can effectively divert them from the anxiety and help them feel more relaxed once their turn is up.


Coach and encourage your child all throughout the procedure

For a child, hearing their parents’ and guardians’ voices brings them comfort and reassurance. Counting together with your child and instructing them to take a deep breath will reassure them that they can go through the process with ease. They will feel guided and lessen any anxiety they may be feeling at that moment. As soon as they finish with the test, praise and give them words of encouragement for positive reinforcement. This can give them a positive experience and this will make them feel less anxious should they need to undergo another COVID testing. 


Book your and your child’s COVID testing with Diligent Urgent Care in New Jersey

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