Life After Covid: How to be Healthy Again

For people who went through the battle with COVID-19, recovery is no trivial thing. Your fight against this disease was probably one of the most inconvenient – even most traumatic –  experiences of your life. 


Think about it: you experienced the terror of the results, overthinking, isolation, and the actual disease. You may have even gone through the wors – nights in the ICU, family members getting ill, and even losing loved ones. 


And while you might have received your negative swab and were released from the hospital, life isn’t immediately great. Research has shown that while people who recover from COVID-19 may no longer be contagious ten days after the initial infection, a study in Wuhan, China confirmed that traces of the virus could stay in the body for up to two weeks after recovery. 


Worse, you might still experience some of the many aftereffects of COVID. For example, you might still have difficulty breathing from time to time. Or you might have joint and muscle pain that doesn’t go away, no matter what you do.


What can you do to be healthy again? Here are a few steps you should take.

Step 1: Don’t be complacent.

Yes, it’s true: if you were recently infected with COVID and have recovered, you will have virus traces that may be enough to give you antibodies for a good period. However, just because you’re a COVID survivor doesn’t mean you should let your guard down and be unconcerned.


Remember, the Center for Disease Control has said you can get reinfected with COVID. So do not be complacent, mask up, and disinfect yourself when possible. Until the CDC has relaxed its COVID guidelines or there are newer, better developments, don’t put yourself at risk as much as possible. You’re not only doing it for yourself – you’re also keeping your loved ones safe and sound.


Also, make sure to get vaccinated. While vaccinations may not fully protect you from getting ill, they work well enough to prevent you from getting hospitalized. And we’re sure you don’t want to face that struggle all over again, right?

Step 2: Relax.

If you just got home from the hospital, or even if it’s been months after your infection, you need to relax. Why? Because if you keep thinking of your COVID-19 struggles over and over, it’s not good for you. Imagine dwelling over and over on the things that happened and what you could have done better. It’s not healthy for your mind or for your physical self. 


We recommend that you just sit back and take some time to pause and reflect.


And remember, when you relax, you enjoy plenty of health benefits, including:


  • A lowered heart rate and blood pressure
  • Reduced muscle tension, fatigue
  • An improved overall mood

Step 3: Start exercising.

For the longest time, we may have looked at exercise as a mere physical thing. But over the years, studies reveal that exercise improves resilience, routines, and can even be a tool against depression. Facing life after COVID should mean living a life stronger than ever before. And that can never be accomplished without the holistic help of exercise. 


You can start with just merely walking outside your house or slowly using the treadmill to build up your strength. There are also plenty of YouTube videos out there for exercises and guidance, in case you get bored. You can also hire professional trainers who can guide you with their exercise programs.


And remember, whether you suffered from severe, moderate, or even mild COVID, consult with your local physician on how to gradually increase the intensity of your workouts. Go for consistency, but listen to your body and don’t exhaust yourself beyond your capacity. 

Step 4: Be mindful of your diet.

After recovering from COVID-19, toxins from the medication could remain in your body. You may also suddenly lose or gain some weight. To compensate for the stress that your body had to go through, wouldn’t it be wise to prepare a nice plan for what you allow to enter your system from now on? The lack of nourishment, as well as the unwanted chemical intake, can only be treated by eating well and eating right. Bring back your energy the right way, with the right food and the right diet plan.


Start your diet with small frequent meals and drink plenty of water to help nourish and cleanse your system. It would be best to have a combination of carbohydrates and protein in your in-between snacks. Choose high-energy foods to boost you up. 


However, the best move you can do is to consult a nutritionist to help guide you with your diet choices. It wouldn’t be beneficial for you to guess the correct amount of calories or the type of food to make you stronger. It’s best to get professional help to make sure that you are eating the right amount and the right food.

Step 5: Strengthen your memory

The fear and fatigue you experience in your battle with COVID may take a toll on your mental health. All the anxiety might affect your concentration and it could be a challenge to rebuild memory sharpness. It’s not your imagination either: COVID-19 has been found to give memory problems or brain fog to certain people.


If you feel that you are having problems with thinking and concentration, don’t veer away from them. Instead, acknowledge that they are another potential struggle, and do something about it early on. Cardio exercises, berries on your diet, and daily memory games can be a nice start to improving your mental capacity after COVID19.


Consistently do something about your mental health and memory every day to keep your mind alert and well-coordinated with your body. More importantly, look for a place where you wouldn’t have to get exhausted when something needs immediate action for your memory problems. 

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