Injuries, Infections & Labs: Treating Urgent Medical Needs

The thing with urgent medical needs is that they could be more harmful than they look. On the surface, they may appear to be a simple wound, a simple fever, or a simple pain. But the worst-case scenario is that it could be a trigger for a life-changing disease. 


If you let wounds fester or ignore injuries as plenty of people do, they might become something worse. They could cause permanent disability or even death. Therefore, the best thing to do is to immediately go to the nearest hospital so that you can avoid the consequences of untreated urgent medical needs.


This article will talk about injuries, infections, what could happen if they are left untreated, and what to do when these happen.


Let’s get to it, shall we?

What are some urgent medical needs to watch out for?


Injuries are also known as physical trauma. There are two major types of injuries: Acute and chronic. Acute injuries are injuries that are you get after a sudden trauma or accident. For example, you were playing basketball and you sprain your ankle, that’s an acute injury. 


If you worry about having an acute injury like fractures, sprains, or dislocations, don’t brush the fear aside. Look for an urgent care center to check out on your acute injury without the need to prolong the pain and worry. 


Chronic injuries, on the other hand, are injuries that develop slowly and last a very long time. An example of a chronic injury is athritis. One of the major causes of chronic injury is overusing a particular part of the body and intense but careless exercise. In such cases, you may need to rest your affected area as well as be required to limit its movements. And most of all, you need to promptly get it treated by a professional so it doesn’t get worse. 


Some people are hesitant to spend money on something that will eventually heal on its own. But if you look at it from a practical point of view, you pay a lot more with leaving it untreated. Plus, you’re not really sure when that injury will eventually go away. And untreated wounds and injuries can transform into something much worse, like infections and life-threatening diseases. 


If you are experiencing fever and chills after acquiring a wound or an injury, chances are the area is already infected. Infections happen when bacteria or virus enters and multiply throughout the affected part of the body. An infection is acquired through contact with infectious agents like hospital patients, dry surfaces, dusty places, and the like. Some infectious agents can also be transmitted through the air. 


Let’s say you have a small wound, like a cat scratch. Usually, you can leave it alone and not worry about it. But if it’s not cleaned and then exposed to those infection agents, then it’s something that you have to worry about.


Infections are best treated by professionals with a broad range of expertise. Treatment also has to be catered to the specific kind of infection you have. And treatment of any infection requires immediate action. For the most part, your safety against infection doesn’t only depend on the type of treatment you undergo. It’s not only about how you get the cure, it is also when you get the cure. Time multiplies germs. The longer you let them stay inside you, the more they spread. And the more they spread, the harder and the more expensive it will be to treat you.

What happens if injuries or infections are not treated?

The Center for Disease Control or CDC has a story of a woman named Heidi, which is one of the best examples if your injury or infection is not treated immediately. Heidi struggled with Blastomycosis, which is an infectious fungal disease. The fungus comes from soil and wood. And since Heidi was a hiker, she got the disease while staying in a cabin.


Blastomycosis is not a well-known disease, except for some infection specialists. And so at first, Heidi had no clue what she was dealing with. She got one wrong diagnosis after another, struggling with intense fever, cough, and the inability to move. She spent most of her days lying down exhausted 


Turns out, Blastomycosis attacks get stronger the longer it stays in the body. It wasn’t until Heidi completely understood this that she truly made her way to recovery. With the right help, she was able to survive all those months of struggle. But as she admitted, it would have been a much easier ride had she known what it was earlier. 


If undiagnosed and untreated, infections can lead to serious complications. Other than Heidi’s story, millions of people around the world are fighting a battle against infection. A lot of them also end up suffering from other infectious diseases like sepsis and septic shock.

What should you do for treatment?

Much of the world’s death rates and severe illnesses could have been prevented if given the right attention and precaution. So before injuries and infections escalate and before it’s too late, give your body the treatment it deserves. Don’t be one of the statistics and don’t be afraid to seek guidance from the nearest doctor that you can reach.


Remember that the oath of doctors is to do no harm. That means all doctors will do the best that they can to make sure you recover quickly. Most of all, do not be afraid of the costs. there are plenty of treatment centers out there that are affordable.

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