Effective Cold Treatments and Staying Healthy During Winter Time in Union City, NJ

In contrast to that very famous Disney movie song saying that “the cold never bothered me anyway”, it can certainly become a bother especially when you have the colds during the coldest season of the year – winter. Despite the fun things that this season may bring for us, winter also comes along with some risks that we need to be wary of. One of which is being more prone to getting sick, such as the common colds.

Why Do We Catch Colds During the Winter?

The temperature greatly drops during winter, making it unbearable for some of us to go out of the house and just stay inside the house instead to stay warm. With the doors and windows sealed, this limits the ventilation in the enclosed. Because of this, the germs and viruses tend to linger longer in the contained space, causing them to spread among the people living within.

Apart from the contained spaces, humidity also plays a role in spreading the germs and viruses easily because when the moisture surrounding the virus evaporates, making them stay up in the air longer.

Catching colds during winter is quite a common occurrence, but one that must not be left untreated as it can develop into further complications.

Now that we know the reason behind it, let’s take a closer look at how we can keep ourselves healthy during the winter season.

Maintain Proper Hygiene and Cleanliness At All Times

Keeping a healthy hygiene regimen can certainly boost your health’s immune system. Washing your hands and taking a bath regularly can help keep the germs and viruses away from you and your loved ones.

Apart from keeping yourself clean, it’s also important to keep your surroundings clean, especially that you are likely to stay indoors most of the time during this season. This means regular cleaning of furniture and appliances, changing pillowcases and beddings, and vacuuming. Doing these will decrease the chances of catching colds.

Drink Lots of Water and Vitamins and Keep a Healthy Diet

Winter is known to bring along harsh winds which can cause some dehydration on our skin and within, because of the fluids that the body loses. In order to prevent this from happening, make sure to drink plenty of water.

Adding on vitamins to your health regimen will be extra helpful in boosting your immune system especially if it’s weak.

Maintaining a healthy diet also plays an important role. While it’s tempting to succumb to eating comfort food which usually consists of unhealthy selections, it’s important for us to keep our health and the wellness of our entire physique in check. It’s highly recommendable to eat food packed with vitamin D to compensate for the lack of sunlight during the winter since it’s where we get it from.

Make Sure To Get Vaccinated and Stay Physically Active

Having a flu vaccination is said to be the most effective way to protect yourself from getting the flu, which may also begin as common colds. While keeping clean certainly helps, having vaccination may protect you thousand times more effectively.

Getting physically active during the winter season is also highly encouraged. We understand how inviting the cold season and how tempting it is to just stay all cooed-up in your beds and couches, but moving those muscles can benefit your physical and mental well-being a whole lot! If the weather allows it, you can go about your daily exercise grind by biking or jogging. Moreover, there are also types of winter activities that can become good exercise alternatives such as skiing and ice skating.

Go for a Medical Check-Up at Diligent Urgent Care in NJ

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