COVID-19 Vaccines: Myths and Facts You Need to Know

As COVID-19 has kept us hostage inside our homes, it is understandable that people are excited about vaccines. The vaccines, after all, might be the best hope in finally ending this pandemic.

Sadly, as vaccine programs are being rolled out worldwide, myths about vaccines are also springing up. A lot of them are coming from social media posts. While many of them seem to be too fantastic to be accurate, people still believe in them. At the very least, these myths are casting doubt on the safety of the vaccines.

When deciding whether to get the vaccine, it’s essential to know what is real and what isn’t about the vaccines. Here is our list of some COVID-19 Vaccines: Myths and Facts. These are some of the common misconceptions regarding the vaccine we have encountered so far.

Myth: Those who don’t have comorbidities don’t need the COVID-19 vaccine.

This myth is also related to the belief that we should trust our immune system instead of getting a vaccine. You may be a generally healthy individual, but remember, even pro athletes got infected with COVID-19. And these are some of the fittest people on the planet.

Also, when it comes to COVID-19, you may not feel the effects, but remember that you can be a carrier. Even if you feel that fatality numbers of COVID-19 are low, you might infect people who are weaker than you. And those people might become part of the death count due to COVID-19 infections. It is recommended that you get vaccinated so you can protect your family and the people in your community.

Myth: You don’t need the vaccine if you have been infected with COVID-19 before.

If you have been infected before, your body already has antibodies against the COVID-19 vaccine. However, it is not clear how long the antibodies will last. Experts have found evidence that this immunity may not last long. Therefore, it is still recommended to get the vaccine as a booster. After all, reinfection is possible, and there are severe health risks associated with COVID-19.

Also, COVID-19 is currently mutating into different variants. It is not known if antibodies from previous strains can fully protect you against new ones.

Myth: ​​When you get a COVID-19 vaccine, a device is also implanted inside you.

This myth started because some people took Bill Gates’ comments about digital vaccine records the wrong way. They thought he was talking about something related to COVID-19 vaccines. In reality, Bill Gates was talking about something regarding his foundation. There is no microchip or any device present in any of the vaccines. There are no secret conspiracies to track vaccinated patients or to control them. No personal information will be gathered in a database somewhere. The components of the vaccine are all routinely used in other medicines.

Myth: Getting the COVID-19 vaccine will make you magnetic.

Videos have been circulating in Tiktok where vaccinated people claim that metal is sticking to them. The videos usually involve them sticking a spoon on their arm. However, getting any COVID-19 vaccine will not make you magnetic. The vaccines do not have any ingredients that can produce magnetic fields.

Myth: COVID-19 vaccines can impact women’s fertility or can cause miscarriages.

Pregnant women or women trying to get pregnant have understandable fears about getting the vaccine. However, there is currently no proof that getting any COVID-19 vaccine will cause fertility problems or miscarriages.

A related myth is that breastfeeding women should not get the COVID-19 vaccine. In fact, breastfeeding mothers getting vaccinated has actually been a good thing. There have been reports of babies getting COVID-19 antibodies from their vaccinated mothers. The breast milk of vaccinated mothers has also been found to pass on immunity to babies.

Myth: COVID-19 vaccines were rushed, so we cannot be sure if they’re really safe.

When COVID-19 hit, many pharmaceutical companies quickly got to work. They invested a lot of their resources into looking for a cure to end the pandemic. And even if COVID-19 is a new strain, it is still a coronavirus. And coronaviruses have been studied since the 1960s. Data on coronaviruses helped scientists develop a vaccine. Companies also made sure to perform enough tests to make sure the developed vaccines are safe for use. Also, test results were checked by various independent reviewers and the government to make doubly sure.

Myth: Getting the COVID-19 vaccine will infect you with COVID-19.

It is not possible to get COVID-19 through any of the vaccines. For that to happen, a live COVID-19 virus has to be injected into your body. The virus must then make multiple copies of itself. However, none of the currently used COVID-19 vaccines contain any live virus. The vaccines actually show your immune system how to recognize and fight the virus. If you experience flu-like symptoms after the injection, like fatigue or fever, that’s perfectly normal. Your body is just reacting to the vaccination.

There have been cases of people testing positive for COVID-19 a few days after vaccination. That only means that they have been exposed to the virus or have already been infected prior to being vaccinated.

Myth: The COVID-19 vaccine has controversial substances in its formulation.

There are no controversial substances in the formulation of any COVID-19 vaccines. The vaccines contain only standard vaccine ingredients. The authorized vaccines do not use fetal cells as ingredients. And as mentioned earlier, they also do not have tracking devices, metals, or magnets as ingredients.

Myth: Getting vaccinated makes you immune to COVID-19.

Getting vaccinated will protect most people from getting infected with COVID-19. Vaccine protection ranges from 66% to 100% effective. However, a small percentage of fully vaccinated people may still get it if they are exposed to infected individuals. If this happens, this is called a vaccine breakthrough case.

Vaccination can help keep you out of hospitals, though. If you are fully vaccinated, you are at a lower risk of getting hospitalized or dying due to COVID-19. Prevention is still better than cure, so continue following health guidelines to protect yourself and your loved ones. Wash your hands, wear face masks, and practice social distancing.

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