COVID-19 Safety Protocols: What to Do after being Fully Vaccinated

Vaccines began rolling out in different countries at the end of the first quarter of 2021. While there may be those who continue to be wary of getting vaccinated, there are just as many, possibly even more, who readily signed up to get vaccinated in the hope of contributing to the end of the pandemic.


If you were among those who have been keen to get vaccinated, getting your shots also means getting a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. On one hand, you have the chance to live with less fear of getting sick. On the other hand, you’re probably wondering if this means you can finally live the same life that you did before the pandemic began.

How do I know that I am fully vaccinated?

Depending on the type of shot you signed up for, you may have had to go in once or twice to complete the series. You are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after your shot if you had a single-dose vaccine or two weeks after your second dose for those who were given a two-dose vaccine.


Depending on the status of your health, your healthcare provider may recommend a specific vaccine to reduce the chance of getting more extreme side effects or reactions. In general, though, any vaccine that you are able to get can give you protection from the different COVID-19 variants.

Do I still need to exercise caution?

Although getting vaccinated will protect you from the different variants of the virus, it is still best to exercise caution. Vaccination boosts your immune system and allows you to fight off the virus more easily. However, this does not mean you can no longer be infected.


For generally healthy individuals, simply wearing a mask and sanitizing your hands should suffice. But if you have any underlying conditions, especially ones that weaken your immune system, it is best to continue practicing all the precautions initially set by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Those who live with people with compromised immune systems may also want to continue exercising caution to prevent infecting other members of their household.

Can I resume my regular activities?

Absolutely! Getting vaccinated means you are now free to go back to doing the things you enjoyed pre-pandemic. This includes going out to visit recreational parks, exercising, dining out with family and friends, and even going on vacations.


When it comes to returning to work, there might be extra steps you need to take. You might be required to show proof of vaccination or get tested prior to coming back. Again, you will still need to wear a mask, especially when visiting indoor public areas to reduce the chance of transmission to and from others. If you are in an outdoor space with free-flowing air, you may be able to not wear your mask, especially if there are very few people around.  Just be mindful to keep practicing social distancing.

Why do I still need to practice social distancing?

When you are out in public, there is no guarantee that you are face to face with people who have already been vaccinated. You may also come into contact with people who carry the virus but are asymptomatic.


Social distancing is one of the ways to reduce the chance of transmission when you are in public spaces. Should you find yourself in a situation or an event where you cannot properly maintain distance from others, your go-to defense will again be wearing your mask. It will suffice as a way to protect yourself and others.

Can I now travel?

Depending on where you intend to go, there may be different travel restrictions and requirements, especially if you mean to travel overseas.


For domestic trips, you are required to wear a mask on all forms of public transportation. However, you may choose to remove your mask when you are in open areas such as the deck of a ferry or the top deck of a bus. While you might not be required to show proof that you tested negative, you will need to show proof of recovery from the virus if you were previously infected.


For overseas trips, countries that have begun welcoming travelers may require you to present a negative test result prior to allowing you to travel. Similarly, returning to the US will require presenting a negative test result within 3 days before your flight. Upon your arrival in the country, you will no longer be required to self-quarantine. However, it is recommended that you get tested 3-5 days after your return from international travel.

Do I need to get tested regularly?

COVID-19 testing is the only way to find out if you have been infected or not. However, unless you suspect that you were exposed to an infected person, there is no need to do regular testing.

What if I might have come into contact with an infected person?

If you suspect that you’ve come into contact with someone who is infected or has shown symptoms of infection, the first thing you need to do is to isolate. Monitor yourself for any COVID-19 symptoms. Should any symptoms develop, you should schedule yourself for immediate testing.

Where can I get tested?

Diligent Urgent Care offers COVID-19 Urgent Care in Union City, NJ, for those who may need medical assistance during these difficult times.


If your test comes out negative, then you have nothing further to worry about. However, if your test comes out positive, you will need to isolate yourself at home for 10 days. Your healthcare provider can give you further advice on how to manage yourself at home and walk you through what you will need to do after.


For people who have been vaccinated against the virus, the chance of infection has grown considerably smaller. Should there be any cases of infection, cases tend to be mild. That said, fully vaccinated individuals can still spread the virus to others. Therefore, we need to remain cautious whenever we enter public spaces. By continuing to be mindful of our practices, we can help keep ourselves and those around us safe.


As we move forward through this pandemic, vaccination has become one of our strongest forms of defense against the virus. Vaccines have proven to be safe and effective at helping prevent severe illness and death.


Should you need further assistance when it comes to concerns regarding COVID-19 or any other health issues, the professionals at Diligent Urgent Care are ready to provide you with exceptional and compassionate care. We are committed to serving the Union City community, making sure that affordable healthcare and healthcare services are available so that we can keep residents safe and protected, no matter your concern.


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