A Message From Diligent Urgent Care About Covid-19

Dear Diligent Urgent Care Patients,

As part of our outreach to our surrounding community, we would like to thank you for your efforts to adhere to CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19. We would also like to give you an update regarding the second strain of Covid-19 and its expected impact on our community. We also included a quick guide about how to tell the difference between Covid-19 and Tonsillitis.

Second Strain of Covid-19

It is predicted that the U.S. will be dominated by the second strain of Covid-19 by March as it may cause more than half of the new infections. Even though there are only 76 known cases of the second strain (and counting), the cases are expected to double, week after week. As the “super strain” takes hold in our community, we are racing to educate our community about what to expect and the advisable precautions you should take.

The second strain of Covid-19 has key gene changes in its spike protein that allows the virus to spread a lot more easily. And with the vaccination drive only getting started, it is a race against time to contain the spread of this disease.

There are several things we would like for our community to know:

  • As much as adherence to measures to stop the spread of Covid-19 are tiring, both physically and mentally, if we aggressively adhered to these protocols, we would slash the expected peak by more than 2/3rds. We would like our community to continue handwashing, wearing masks, and social distancing for the sake of keeping those around us, safe.

  • Covid-19 testing is vitally important, even if you are experiencing extremely mild or even no symptoms. As over 40% of people that catch Covid-19 are asymptomatic, they can contribute the most to this virus’ spread.

With our community being devested by the effects of this virus, please feel free to schedule a telemedicine appointment, Covid-19 testing, and more, through the links below.

Covid-19 vs. Tonsillitis

We would also like to discuss the difference between Covid-19 and Tonsillitis. With winter well underway, Tonsillitis and Covid-19 can both present a fever and sore throat, which may leave you a little confused. But there are, however, symptoms that differentiate the two. Here is what you should know:

  • A sore throat is considered a symptom of Covid-19; however, it is a lot less common as the most common symptoms include a cough, fever, and fatigue. However, it is highly advisable to self-isolate immediately and get tested.

  • The main symptom of Tonsillitis is the swelling of the lymph glands in the neck but also include a fever, sore throat, and painful swallowing. This is often caused by bacterial infections or common viruses such as strep throat.

To summarize, the common symptoms of Covid-19 and Tonsillitis is that both can result in a fever and sore throat, but you can differentiate the two by assessing other associated symptoms. The best way to know your condition and limit the possible spread of Covid-19, is to get tested. Schedule a telemedicine appointment through our patient portal to see a doctor and get the treatment you need.


Diligent Urgent Care